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India Christian
Assembly of Seattle
Address of Worship Location: 4130 University Way NE Seattle, WA. 98105 Sunday School 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM Worship Time: 11:30 AM  -  1:30 PM
206 356 6168
A fellowship of faith, Hope, and Love      Songs of Praise
By the grace of God, these songs were written and tuned by Pr. Victor George
Listen and be blessed by these Songs
Yesu Nadha                   Unarnnidam                   Parishudha Parane        Unnathan Yeshuvin        Sneha Swarupnam        Paaduvin                  Karthavu vegamai      Sneham Divya             Kanunnu njaan              Ullam Kaiyil                    Yeshu Nadha                 
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